Senior Back End Engineer


About The Position

We are looking for a motivated, highly technical Backend Development Engineer with excellent problem-solving and communication skills. 

You will join a dynamic software development team responsible for creating a large-scale, highly available security system in the cloud. Your focus will be on the development of the server components for SAM's innovative new services and software. You will be part of a team that delivers a microservice-based system handling big data and using AI for analysis, serving millions of end customers around the globe. 

 Main Responsibilities: 

  • Design and implement new features required by our customers 
  • Improve performance and scale of existing services 
  • Integration with other team’s components i.e Mobile Apps, Agents etc. 


  • 4+ years of hands on experience with the development of a high scale system deployed in the cloud 
  • Experience with development in Python, familiarity with frameworks like Django/Flask etc. 
  • Experience using AWS technologies such as Kinesis, SQS, Lambda etc. 
  • Experience with containers in general, specifically Docker  
  • Experience with the Linux/UNIX operating system 
  • Experience with working with Git 


  • Knowledge of security and network protocols 
  • Experience with other cloud platforms 
  • Experience with ELK 

For more information or to apply, please send an inquiry
email to:

For more information or to apply, please send an inquiry email to:

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