January 2023 Newsletter

Shiri Butnaru|

January 2023 Newsletter

Shiri Butnaru|

Welcome to SAM’s newsletter, in which we explore a roundup of customer-focused insights and industry news stories related to security and threat intelligence solutions for unmanaged networks and IoTs.

In this special New Year’s newsletter edition, we have an important update on a massive new wave of DDoS cyberattacks targeting home IoT devices that our team has detected and protected against! We also included a practical review that compares agent-based and agentless security solutions and discusses how telcos can get more for their network investment. Additionally, we’ve included important insights in our podcast from NightDragon’s Head of Government Services on the latest IoT security regulation trends, as well as articles on potential changes to the telco industry in 2023 and how businesses of all sizes are starting to recognize the importance of cybersecurity services from their ISPs.

We hope this content will help you kick off the new year with the knowledge and tools you need to scale your business in 2023!

If there is anything you’d like to see from us in the next edition, please feel free to drop us a line at marketing@securingsam.com – we’d love to hear from you!

Podcast: IoT Security International Regulation
& Trends

In our latest episode, we were especially honored to be joined by Katherine Gronberg, NightDragon’s Head of Government Services.

Katherine tracks government agencies who are looking to implement greater security for IoT devices and the network at large. Some governments are already mandating that ISPs install such cyber protections. But what about the end customers?

In this interesting session, we’re talking about home and small business owners, IoT devices and what all this means for them and the ISPs that serve them.

News: New Wave of DDOS Attacks on Home Networks Revealed

Last week, SAM’s research team detected a massive wave of DDoS cyberattacks that have so far targeted devices by 10 leading OEMs! The attack targeted devices such as solar energy solutions, printers, security systems and cameras.

Luckily, SAM’s Anti-DDoS and Dynamic Firewall Security Policies protect against these attacks before they can cause damage.

Just one attack can harm the reputations of ISPs and OEMs that don’t have the right network-level protection in place. Click below to learn more about your networks and ways to keep your customers’ digital privacy and data secure.

Whitepaper: Agent-Based vs. Agentless Security Solutions

How do they impact your customers’ quality of experience and help you grow your business?

The IoT ecosystem is exploding and “smart” homes or small offices now average 10 connected IoT devices or more. While anti-virus software protects your customers’ PCs, it does not cover the rest of the network and IoT devices.

How can telcos help their customers manage and secure all of that and get more for their network investment? What follows is a discussion of two types of approaches, which will help you draw your own conclusion.

Article: Just in Time? Bosses Are Finally Waking up to the Cybersecurity Threats

Even the smallest businesses out there are now taking digital threats more seriously than ever before and are actively engaging with leading ISPs to tackle them and have them serve as their automated CISO.

These businesses now realize that while anti-virus software protects their PCs, it doesn’t cover the rest of the network and IoT devices.

So, what are the most prevalent IoT threats faced by low-tier SMBs and SOHOs today? What does this mean for telcos seeking to add network-level protection into their offering?

Article: Four Ways the Telco Industry Will Change in 2023

According to the latest Light Reading report, 2023 will place emphasis on network data to elevate customer experience. Leading telcos are already shifting the conversation from connectivity to the creation of complete customer value and are fundamentally rethinking how their networks are built and run.

Listen to the following podcast to learn how you can leverage your network data to gain customer insights and promote proactive care while reducing churn and increasing stickiness.

Event: SAM’s CES Recap!

We had an amazing time connecting with valued colleagues and customers, witnessing first-hand the innovation driving the telecom industry forward!

We are grateful to Parks Associates for having us speak at their Connection Summit and to all of our new partners for embracing the challenge of network observability and growth with us.

Click below to learn more about the benefits of network visibility for your business in this deep dive by SAM’s VP of Data and Innovation.


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