January 2024 Newsletter

Shiri Butnaru|

January 2024 Newsletter

Shiri Butnaru|

Welcome to SAM’s newsletter, in which we explore a roundup of customer-focused insights and industry news stories related to visibility, security, and threat intelligence solutions for unmanaged networks and IoTs, empowering you to acquire actionable business and operational perspectives.

In this special New Year’s newsletter edition, we bring you an important update about a recent surge in state-sponsored attacks targeting small business smart devices. Our new OPUS Product Spotlight provides insights on how network service providers can safeguard their customers from such threats. We also highlight CISA’s recent efforts to encourage device manufacturers to take greater responsibility for consumer security, with a focus on their recommendations for AI implementation in network visibility and vulnerability detection. On the home front, we share a new podcast episode with insights for ISPs to enhance their offering for premium IoT households. Lastly, we’ll leave you with a reminder of the essential role network service providers play in safeguarding customer privacy in the IoT and cloud era, especially for this month’s Data Privacy Day.

We hope this content will help you kick off the new year with the knowledge and tools you need to scale your business in 2024!

And if there is anything you’d like to see from us in the next edition, please feel free to drop us a line here – we’d love to hear from you!

Podcast: Connected Lifestyles: Serving High-End IoT Homes

Are high-end smart devices reshaping the way we live?

Our latest SAMiBits podcast episode explores the characteristics of premium IoT households, uncovering valuable insights and strategies for Internet Service Providers to improve their users’ experience while creating additional business opportunities. Join us as Nadav Liebermann, SAM’s VP of Innovation and Data, delves into the challenges and opportunities presented by these unique residential segments.

Only 10 mins run time, don’t miss out on this insightful conversation!

News: New Wave of IoT Attacks Threatens Small Businesses

Lumen Technologies and Microsoft’s threat intelligence team recently uncovered Chinese state-sponsored actors, Volt Typhoon and KV-botnet, targeting SOHO networks. These attackers blend seamlessly into normal network activities by exploiting compromised SOHO IoT devices like routers and firewalls. This alarming trend mirrors the surge in attacks on residential and SOHO routers, including HiatusRAT and ZuoRAT, observed over the past years.

The research offers security tips to reduce the risks, however small businesses lack the expertise and resources to effectively combat this evolving IoT threat, making them vulnerable to potential business crippling disasters from just a single successful attack. So, what can be done?

ISPs and MSPs are uniquely positioned to intervene and leverage the right technology to deliver automated and comprehensive CPE-level protection for their business clients. This includes automated threat scanning, complete network security, and continuous threat analysis at the device level, ensuring dependable and hassle-free connectivity.

Product Spotlight: SAM OPUS: Protecting Digital Workplaces

It’s not easy being small…

Recent industry studies indicate that the cost of ransomware attacks for small businesses has doubled over the past years, resulting in higher expenses to restore business operations. We are witnessing an increase in automation and efficiency among ransomware operations, which means that an ever-growing number of smaller organizations are becoming targets. Your small business customers are at greater risk than ever! 

Network service providers – you’re in the best position to offer them a business-grade holistic way to keep their connected workplace and personal IoTs secure, directly from the gateway. Enable them to have a safe digital work environment with no setup or update-chasing. 

Whether you’re an ISP, MSP or network device vendor, SAM’s seamless SMB cybersecurity solutions were designed with both your customers’ security and your business goals in mind. 

Learn more in our recent SAM OPUS brochure.

Event: Ready to Discuss Your Data Protection Strategies This Data Privacy Day?

This month’s Data Privacy Day serves as a reminder for network service providers to take a closer look at their role in protecting customer privacy in the IoT and cloud era. With more connected devices and services moving to the cloud, it’s crucial that we take the necessary steps to secure our customers’ data.

From reviewing cloud service providers’ security measures to implementing internal policies and data anonymization, let’s make sure we’re keeping our customers’ data safe and compliant with regulations. Discover more in this important podcast episode featuring SAM’s CISO.

News: CISA’s Cybersecurity Experts Are Redefining the Rules

CISA is calling for a fundamental overhaul of the current approach to addressing computer and IoT security vulnerabilities, stating that the model of quickly finding and patching flaws doesn’t account for the speed and capabilities of modern adversaries. They also urge technology providers to take responsibility for customer security, rather than burdening consumers and small businesses with patching and mitigation.

So how can network service providers step in and better protect consumers and small businesses? CISA believes AI is the key to vulnerability detection and understanding hacker tactics.

Discover how SAM harnesses advanced AI and machine learning to continuously monitor and protect network devices, empowering ISPs, MSPs, and network vendors worldwide to ensure comprehensive visibility and security for their home and SMB customers.

Shiri Butnaru|


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