March 2023 Newsletter

Shiri Butnaru|

March 2023 Newsletter

Shiri Butnaru|

Welcome to SAM’s newsletter, in which we explore a roundup of customer-focused insights and industry news stories related to security and threat intelligence solutions for unmanaged networks and IoTs.

Your network security is our top priority, and this edition is packed with timely cybersecurity information to keep you informed. From our recent take on the surprising NSA advisory note urging consumers to consider buying their own router instead of using the one provided by their ISP, to our swift response to the new HiatusRAT malware targeting business-grade routers to spy on your customers, we’ve got you covered!

But wait, there’s more! Our latest podcast reveals challenges and strategies from the field to show you how you can successfully bundle security into your service offering. We also share a recent report that demonstrates how MSPs and ISPs can step in as their small business customers struggle with in-house cybersecurity. And because it’s Women’s History Month, we’re excited to look back at inspiring interviews with our very own Co-Founder and CEO, Sivan Rauscher Ganot!

We hope you’ll find the information provided interesting and insightful for your cause. And as always, if there’s anything you’d like to see from us in the next edition, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at We’re all ears!

Blog: NSA Note Commentary – The Silent Home Invasion 

When the NSA is urging consumers to secure their home networks and IoTs – we really have to say it out loud: they usually can’t. 

Despite their best intentions, the NSA’s note only offers generic advice like keeping software up to date. Interestingly, it also recommends that consumers consider buying their own router instead of using the one provided by their ISP.

We delved deeper into their intriguing recommendation and explored its implications, including why new security vulnerabilities can benefit hackers more than they shield users from cyber threats. Let’s work together to educate consumers to better protect themselves. 

Podcast: How to Bundle Security Into Your Offering

For ISPs looking to build trust with customers and increase adoption of new security offerings, our latest podcast is for you!

Tune in as SAM’s CRO, Pirjo Tuomi, discusses winning strategies from the field, challenges, and practical step by step solutions that have become key to growing ISPs’ business. We’ll give you some important tips on the matter and will also study a couple of success stories to help you take the next step.

Only 10mins run time! Enjoy! And if you haven’t done so already, you are welcome to subscribe to our podcast series on all your favorite platforms. You’ll find the links in the episode notes.

News: New HiatusRAT Router Malware Spies on Victims

There’s a new RAT on the loose! Lumen Technologies has published crucial findings about HiatusRAT, a newly discovered malware targeting business-grade routers. After compromising a device by deploying a Remote Access Trojan (RAT), cybercriminals can monitor router traffic on ports associated with email and file transfer communications!

But fear not – SAM is actively protecting small businesses against HiatusRAT! All the known vulnerabilities have already been added to our DPI solution and our team continually monitors and responds to any changes in the logs. Our customers can be assured that SAM is dedicated to maintaining the safety of their networks.

You can read Lumen’s research right here. And since ZuoRAT is also still lurking around home-office routers… don’t let it catch you off guard – read our latest insights on router protection and learn how to safeguard your customers’ network. 

News: SMBs Struggle With In-House Cybersecurity, MSPs & ISPs to Benefit

Don’t let cyber threats put a small business out of business!

This report from Dark Reading highlights important information for both MSPs and ISPs looking to expand their basic offerings with cybersecurity solutions for their small business customers.

Just think of tiny law firms, family-owned insurance companies, and even freelancers who are vulnerable without an appointed CISO and adequate security measures. By partnering with service providers, these businesses can gain access to network-level protection and control that goes beyond a standalone firewall and keeps device firmware updated and infrastructure secure.

Listen to our short podcast for expert advice on how to meet the security needs of your micro-SMB customers while growing your business. 

Event: Women’s History Month

March marks Women’s History Month, and it’s a good opportunity to look back at an inspiring interview featuring our very own Co-Founder and CEO, Sivan Rauscher Ganot.

In this video, she spoke with Verizon Ventures about SAM’s inception, navigating the dual role of being a female entrepreneur and leader, and sharing her perspective on the role of security in unmanaged networks.

And let’s not forget about NightDragon’s captivating article which delved into Sivan’s experiences building a very special and dynamic organization, which is currently able to boast an executive team comprising 60% female leadership. 

Happy Women’s History Month to all the amazing women in our community!


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