TEL AVIV, Israel, June 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — SAM Seamless Network, the intuitive security system for smart networks, today announced the launch of its Threat Assessment Lab to uncover new attack vectors focusing on IoTs and embedded devices. Amongst its latest research findings, smart home security cameras equate to 47% of the most vulnerable devices followed by smart hubs such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, with the top countries executing attacks coming from China followed by USA.

Other findings reveal the USA and China are the foremost countries for both executing attacks and being targeted. The average home receives five attempted attacks per device per day via smart networks. Email malware and phishing are the most common attack types in Europe, whereas ransomware is more prevalent in the USA. Furthermore, one in three people see a direct, damaging effect on their privacy as a result of weak security measures on their home networks.

SAM is offering service providers the opportunity to send new devices and gateways to its Threat Assessment Lab for testing. Sign up for more information here.

During the first week of May 2019, SAM witnessed a massive amount of remote access attempts, originating primarily from three countries: China, USA and Iran, 50% of which were by botnets. SAM also recently discovered new variants of the dangerous Mylobot malware that disables Windows Defender and has infected PCs running Windows in over 170 countries.

SAM’s Threat Assessment Lab comprises an operational war room to assess different gateways, IoT and connected devices through:

  • Research vulnerabilities
  • Analyzing attack surfaces
  • Identifying new threats
  • Potential impact on user privacy
  • Tracking the impact of different attacks on customers and communications providers
  • Determining best practices to resolve discovered threats

The Lab will collect and utilize the data to create useful and actionable insights for service providers on vulnerabilities and attacks emanating from IoT devices, gateways and home networks, as well as examine the effects of these trends and vulnerabilities on user privacy.

“The target of attacks is no longer just enterprises,” said Sivan Rauscher, CEO and Co-Founder of SAM. “High profile hacks on home networks have positioned these at the forefront of cyber crime. We need in-depth and continual investigations to understand where the vulnerabilities are coming from. The upcoming regulation and government policies on IoT and connected devices bring further attention to the problem but they are not enough. We hope our Threat Assessment Lab will enable valuable processes for protection and awareness to be implemented.”

“As enterprise security technology becomes more sophisticated, attackers are now targeting lower hanging fruit which is easier to access,” said Dave DeWalt, Chairman of SAM Seamless Networks and CEO of NightDragon. “Home networks are highly vulnerable with multiple access points. SAM’s Threat Assessment Lab is an important step in analyzing how and for what purposes home networks are compromised, and ensuring manufacturers are aware of critical vulnerabilities.”