Cyber Security Software Solution for SMBs

  • Protection against today’s cyber threats
  • A software only web solution
  • Simple centralized management

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The potential damage to your business


43% of cyber attacks target small business

60% of hacked small businesses go out of business within 6 months

40% lost more than a fifth of their customer base

The average loss per attack is more than $188,000

What you can provide as an ISP


ISPs are well-positioned to address the SMBs security needs, since they already serve the SMB market with broadband and cloud services.

SMBs Security Needs

A cost effective, software only, user-friendly cyber-security platform providing business customer with remote access and control, wherever they are.

Web Platform

Expanding Brand Reputation

With a white-labeled solution, ISPs have the opportunity to create an engaging customer experience, drive new revenues and expand their brand reputation into new markets.


SAM’s Secured Office Features

To identity all connected devices, automatically segment them and easily assign them to owners

Device Fingerprinting

Cyber Protection

Protect users, devices and organization as a whole from all cyber risks with virtual hot-patching, managed through a user-friendly interface

Real-time filtering of malicious resources like malware, spyware, crypto-jacking and ransomware, across all devices

Safe Browsing

Unified Surfing Policy

Restrict unwanted content as a company policy or specific policies per employee or device

Security Firewall

Advance business routers with enterprise grade protection and without the need for an internal CISO

Password and Identity Protection

Continuously monitor your organization’s users, protecting your employees from any data breaches

Remote Access

Give remote users access to their secured corporate network and internet from wherever they are

Endpoint Protection Management

Easily install & manage employees PC’s, laptops and mobiles with SAM’s endpoint protection, or other 3rd party end-points

About SAM

SAM provides a software-based security solution that integrates seamlessly with any platform and is designed to support and protect unmanaged networks (home, SMB, 5G) by securing the gateway and all of its connected devices. Installed remotely on all existing gateways, SAM doesn't require any additional hardware or a technician to provide comprehensive network security, data insights and network management tools. Allowing ISPs the opportunity to offer the secured office suite to SOHO’s and small businesses with the tools to protect and manage their network in a seamless, digital and user friendly way.

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