Our vision

Protecting the home network to provide secure connections for all IoT devices. An intuitive security system for every home.

The Reality Today

Homes today are becoming more connected. From smart TVs and lightbulbs, to baby monitors and thermostats; these devices aim to improve our daily lives. However, a variety of fragmented devices connected to a single network means an easy and obvious target for hackers.

SAM Solution

SAM protects the connected home by securing threats right at the source.

How it works

With a software-only solution, SAM uses the network gateway to protect all connected devices in the home. Securing communication between smart devices and the network, means ISPs can ensure their customers are using their connected home in the safest way.


SAM tackles cyber security threats at the source by securing the network gateway. Protecting communication between IoT devices at this access point ensures a safe and secure connected home.


Detect and actively address ongoing threats to protect router’s firmware.


Identify IoT devices connected to the network.

Access Control

Permit only user initiated connections between devices to prevent potential hacking.

Dynamic Policy

Individual protection policy for every device on the network, regularly updated to prevent threats in real-time.

Detect & Prevent

Detect and prevent anomalies in real time by analysing existing network patterns.

User Control

Users control the usage and connectivity of all their devices.

The Founders

Shmuel Chafets

Active Chairman

Shmuel is a Co-founder and active chairman at SAM, with 10 years experience in business development and creating enterprise strategies. He has also served in several positions in the Israeli government and parliament.

Sivan Rauscher

Chief Executive Officer

Sivan is the CEO and co-founder at SAM. She previously worked at Comsec Global, overseeing cyber projects and high level strategic consulting in Israel and Europe. She has served as a captain and project manager in the Israeli Intelligence Corps, and holds a Master’s degree from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

Nati Hazut

Chief Technology Officer

Nati is a Co-founder and CTO at SAM. He was an army officer in the IDF Special Ops-Intelligence unit and also served as a cyber consultant for the Ministry of Defense. Nati is a trained cyber security officer as well as an R&D specialist.

The Team

SAM has an elite team of researchers, IoT specialists, maverick reverse engineers and cybersecurity experts dedicated to protecting home networks. The company is led by ex-military cyber specialists and business strategy developers.


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