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Device Identification and Enrichment API

SAM’s trusted device identification technology is now available as an API for vendors and service providers that wish to utilize their collected network and device data to identify devices, without building their own identification module.  

rAPId can receive multiple types of device and network data inputs, and will provide the device’s details including manufacturer, class, model, and OS. It will also provide the most updated list of known CVEs affiliated with the identified device. 


Identify device manufacturer | device class | device OS | device product name | device model & sub-model 

Based on SAM’s proprietary device fingerprinting solutions, and extensive database of identified and monitored devices (including IoTs)

Identify individual or batched devices

Easily configured API which instantly adds device identification to your solution

Output includes list of device-related CVEs

Interested in learning more?
Take a look at our SAM rAPID brochure


The difference is in the details

Proprietary fingerprinting

Our home-brewed device fingerprinting technology has been market-tested for over 7 years and is trusted by the world's leading ISPs and network vendors.

Huge device

With more than 500 million devices already identified and constantly being monitored within our customers' networks, we can identify even the most uncommon devices.


Our team of cybersecurity experts is constantly updating and sharing the latest information on vulnerabilities that may leave your devices exposed to attacks.

SAM by the numbers

It all comes
down to impact
250 M

devices covered worldwide

1 %

Better IoT security coverage
than leading competitor

1 %

of SAM users attacked and
protected without knowing it



seconds to identify and protect a
new device that enters the network

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