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SAM is a leading provider of security and intelligence services for unmanaged networks. 


Owners of these networks – residential and SMB/SOHO networks – are unaware of what is happening within their networks, so they cannot detect and defend against cybersecurity attacks, invasion of privacy, and personal information theft. 


Furthermore, home or office IoT devices, built on a heterogenous array of operating systems, offered by an enormous number of vendors and without an embedded protection layer, add further complexity to keeping the digital living and working environments safe from malicious digital threats. 


SAM uses its proprietary device fingerprinting technology to identify, map, and constantly monitor the devices connected to the network. With constant awareness of the network and device status, behavior, and usage, SAM offers ISPs, MSPs, network device vendors, and other industry partners better cybersecurity protection for their customers, better visibility into their customers’ device and service usage patterns, and access to its device identification expertise. 

SAM Cybersecurity

Provide your residential and SMB customers the network and device protection they need

SAM Intelligence

Gain and leverage knowledge about your customers’ networks, devices, and usage

SAM Enablers

Integrate SAM’s leading capabilities within your own products and solutions 

“Great product, great app…

right product at the right time!”

John Porter, Telenet CEO
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