SAM Network Visibility

SAM Intelligence

Gain full visibility
into your network
and secure connected
IoT devices end-to-end

SAM Intelligence provides robust IoT threat intelligence that includes device identification, risk scoring, and real-time IoT security insights.

Device intelligence across your network

with device fingerprinting, risk scoring and behavior anomaly detection


Access detailed insights including make, model, version, and behavior for all connected devices. Requiring MAC addresses only, SAM’s device identification leverages insights from millions of IoTs to identify granular details of even the most obscure devices ensuring the highest possible visibility into your network.

Fingerprint devices in
minimal time

Optimize inventory

Identify new devices not
previously recognized

IoT Security

Protect against the latest threats targeting IoT devices with threat identification, security policies and device analysis. SAM’s IoT Threat Intelligence uses behavioral profiles based on millions of fingerprinted devices to detect anomalies indicating security breaches at the device level. Available via API or feed.

Analyze security details including IP addresses,
domains, network signatures and file signatures

Receive real-time security alerts and actionable
recommendations to resolve security gaps in IoT devices

Enable third-party access to our IoT Threat
Intelligence solution as a software development kit

Enhance cybersecurity and IT solutions with IoT device
profiling and behavioral anomaly identification

Utilize an ever-growing collection of both existing and new
security policies with the scalable nature of our technology


Assign risk scores in multiple categories for connected devices based on our pre-defined set of risk factors. Leverage dozens of data points and thousands of daily events to evaluate your network’s risk level with security in mind.

Develop security profiles for
potential customers based on
the risk levels of their devices

Gain deeper insights into
your network’s devices and
associated risk levels

Obtain assessments of both
device-level risk and
network-level risk

Restrict access to certain
devices when necessary

SAM by the numbers

It all comes
down to impact
1 %

of all home devices are
smart devices

1 M+

devices monitored daily for behavior
changes, new signatures and software

1 M+

devices already fingerprinted
by SAM


Improving the fingerprint of over
18,000 known device types


SAM Intelligence is modular in nature
and tailored to your security needs 

The API-based integration utilizes SAM’s Device Fingerprinting technology for IoT and non-IoT devices alike.

Analyzes data from packets of devices from traffic on SAM networks, performing data enrichment to provide you with the details necessary for making informed decisions.
Embed SAM Intelligence into third-party applications in order to enable our Device Fingerprinting technology within your network.

Provides performance-based network discovery data from all devices, with a focus on devices that are otherwise overlooked by competitors (including iPhones).

“0-to-millions in revenues
within 6 months”

Gil Rosen, Bezeq CMO