SAM Intelligence

Know more about your customers’ networks and devices

Delight your subscribers with seamless device management, get to know and understand their usage patterns, and improve your engagement with them using actionable data.

Device and service visibility beyond the gateway

Gain a business advantage by knowing what’s really happening within your subscribers’ networks

Device ID for Unmanaged Networks

Enhance customers’ and employees’ productivity, network management, risk analysis, quality of service, and other home or work experiences with SAM’s automatic discovery, identification, and mapping of network-connected devices. 


SAM’s proprietary device fingerprinting solutions, and its ever-expanding database of 100s of millions of identified and monitored devices, allows even the most obscure IoT devices to be identified, and provides you with actionable insights from within the network.

Automatic discovery and mapping of connected devices (including IoTs) utilizing SAM’s device fingerprinting techniques 

Identify device manufacturer | device class | device OS | device product name | device model & sub-model 

Monitor and alert on new/disconnected/reconnected devices 

Offered as a CPE-embedded and/or a mobile app solution 

Interested in learning more? 
Take a look at our SAM LIGO brochure


Service ID for Unmanaged Networks

As a complementary service to device identification solution LIGO, SAM’s LUXO provides information and analysis on services being used by network-connected devices.  

Is this a gaming-obsessed household? A streaming video fanatic multi-dwelling unit? Are cloud backup services being used in that office? Who’s the mobile service provider for that SMB? Get answers to these questions and others, and leverage data and insights to improve support, marketing, sales, network management, and more.


Discover what your customers, users or employees really use with their network-connected devices (including IoTs)

Analyze ongoing network monitoring to understand usage patterns over time 

Get insights on devices’ and services’ usage trends, replacement cycles, brands, uptime, and more 

Interested in learning more? 
Take a look at our SAM LUXO brochure

The difference is in the details


Fast and easy integration with ANY Linux-based router means the widest choice of CPE vendors to select from, and the lowest effort needed from your technical teams.

Easily deployed

SAM’s software agent can be integrated onto the CPE before being shipped to the customer, or “over the air” as a firmware update post-installation on premise. Activation of features can occur instantly and remotely after the customer sign up.


No on-device software installation means no user involvement needed, and no device resources being used.

How to Gain Deep Network Visibility

• SAM's VP of Innovation & Data

SAM's VP of Innovation & Data

SAM by the numbers

It all comes
down to impact
1 %

of all home devices are
smart devices

1 M+

devices monitored daily for behavior
changes, new signatures and software

250 M+

devices already fingerprinted
by SAM


Improving the fingerprint of over
18,000 known device types

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