Our mission

To deliver a seamless, cloud-native network security solution, that provides deep visibility and a great level of defense for all that is unmanaged – networks and IoTs. We strive to not only protect from sophisticated cyber-attacks, but also prevent the spread of zero-day attacks.

Our values

At SAM Seamless Network, we are committed to our core values of Accountability, Customer Centricity, and Excellence. We take responsibility for our actions, put our customers at the center of everything we do, communicate seamlessly, and continuously strive to be the best. Our team operates as one, valuing each member’s unique perspective and skillset. Together, we achieve our mission.

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Global offices
Global offices
SAM Seamless Network

Our passion

Our passion is smart devices, those that connect to every home, small business or public network, and now becoming even more dominant in smart cities and buildings. We love studying IoTs, understanding their behavior, and translating all that into state-of-the-art technology that’s always several steps ahead of adversaries.

Our team

Comprised of researchers, IoT specialists, maverick reverse engineers, and cybersecurity experts who are dedicated to the mission.

“By fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and customer-centricity, we can build products that truly make a difference in people's lives.”

Jeff Holleran, VP Product

Leading the way

the way

Sivan Rauscher
CEO, Co-Founder
Shmuel Chafets
Vice Chairman, Co-Founder
Naama Shemtov
VP Business Strategy
Nadav Liebermann
VP Innovation & Data
Hila Graubard
VP Finance
Yaron Benita
Jeff Holleran
VP Product
Aviv Shabetay
VP Operations
Ifat Henig

“By working together and leveraging the power of data, we can achieve innovative breakthroughs and make a real impact in our industry.”

Nadav Liebermann, VP Innovation & Data

Board of Directors

Christopher Campbell
Bruce Taragin
Blumberg Capital
Israel Grimberg
Dave DeWalt
Vito Giallorenzo

Board of Advisors

Amir Haramaty
Nadav Zafrir
Liran Grinberg
Ran Senderovitz

SAM Seamless Network is ISO 27001 Certified

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