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2020 IoT Security landscape

Nadav Liebermann|

2020 IoT Security landscape

Nadav Liebermann|

Our team of researchers developed an overview of IoT security discoveries and recommendations as it relates to home and SMB networks. This information is based on the most up-to-date research, recent security sources, and data collected from 70M devices and 2M homes.

Over the last year, 200 vulnerabilities were found in IoT devices that impact both home and SMB networks. A few of the higher risk devices include storage devices connected to the internet called NAS devices as well as IP cameras.

Current circulation of old attacks

Another important reality is that older attacks that date back to 2016 and 2017 are still circulating around the globe leaving devices that have not yet been updated vulnerable for takeover.

Without knowing it, many individuals often use their connected devices in a way that dramatically compromises the security of not just the device, but the entire network it’s connected to.

This report offers a full overview of:

  • recent widespread attacks
  • the riskiest devices to be aware of
  • current vulnerabilities in popular devices
  • recommendations for how to secure IoT devices and by extension, work and home networks


Nadav Liebermann|
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