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An exploration of mobile edge computing and how to be ready for the transition to 5G

Alex Gelman|

An exploration of mobile edge computing and how to be ready for the transition to 5G

Alex Gelman|

A common concern around the transition to 5G is how to properly manage security. In particular with the proliferation of IoT devices and connectivity that’s increasingly mobile, the considerations around network and IoT security become complex.
Our security experts take a deep dive into this new growing reality to expose the potential risks and offer some recommendations for how to mitigate them by leveraging mobile edge computing.

Mobile Edge Security

Mobile edge computing (MEC) is an emerging concept introduced to bring cloud services and resources closer to the user by positioning them at the edge of the network. MEC helps achieve desired outcomes of low latency, location awareness, and mobility.
In this paper, we discuss the cybersecurity aspects of mobile edge computing in the context of the 5G transition and how it facilitates two important results:

1. Delivers secure infrastructure

2. Creates safe digital environments for consumers and machines

A few key areas where MEC can have a significant positive impact include:

User privacy

A common recommendation to protect user privacy is to utilize a VPN. The downside is that VPNs often slow down internet speed because of the way the traffic is routed. To increase efficiency while still incorporating this best practice would be to install the VPN servers closer to the endpoint.

Digital safety

While protecting privacy is essential, it’s incomplete without considering other key security issues. IoT devices and networks must have methods for filtering out malicious content such as malware, phishing, and spyware that show up through email, web browsing, and social media.
Managing this requires ensuring there is a safe browsing module in the edge that is agentless and offers network-based security to protect mass production users.

Remote work

5G networks open up the possibilities for sending large volumes of data to cloud-based applications but without it passing through the organization’s private networks. In order to secure this traffic, CISOs will need to enforce advanced security controls by incorporating SASE solutions into the mobile edge.

This paper details how service providers, vendors, and integrators can incorporate MEC into network and IoT security architecture with the help of SAM and technology partners to address some key concerns as we transition to 5G.


Alex Gelman|