April 2023 Newsletter

Shiri Butnaru|

April 2023 Newsletter

Shiri Butnaru|

Welcome to SAM’s newsletter, in which we explore a roundup of customer-focused insights and industry news stories related to security and threat intelligence solutions for unmanaged networks and IoTs.

In this edition, we cover the latest threats facing your networks, including the arrival of the powerful HinataBot, and the alarming growth of IoT-focused malware targeting your home-office customers. We also include important industry predictions on the exciting future of connectivity with 5G FWA, and how ISPs can leverage new value-added services to gain a competitive edge! Additionally, we highlight the importance of deep network visibility for internet and cybersecurity service providers in our podcast and offer a recap of an empowering event we recently hosted. Stay informed and secure with SAM!

We hope you’ll find the insights and stories we share to be valuable for you and your organization. Have something specific you’d like us to cover next time? Send us a note at marketing@securingsam.com – we’d love to hear from you!

News: New HinataBot Exploiting Router and Server Flaws for DDoS Attacks

The stakes just got higher with the arrival of Hinatabot, the latest creation from ex-Mirai hackers. This powerful botnet promises to cause more destruction with far less effort from its operators.

Since near the beginning of this year, HinataBot has been spreading by exploiting exposed Hadoop YARN servers and security flaws in Realtek SDK devices and Huawei HG532 routers.

But SAM’s got your back! Our DPI engine is already fully equipped to handle these vulnerabilities, and our team is constantly vigilant to stay ahead of this ongoing threat and ensure your safety.

News: IoT-Focused Malware Grew 87% In 2022

When it comes to IoT-focused cybercrime and ransomware, Brazil unfortunately remains a target.

During 2022, Brazil was ranked as the fourth largest ransomware target in the world. And when it comes to cybercrime revolving around IoTs, the global volume increased by a whopping 87% (!) last year.

Learn more here. Take these numbers as a wake-up call for the need to invest in digital security for your connected devices.

We invite you to explore our latest Portuguese review highlighting the importance of network-level IoT security, as we continue expanding our vision of making security accessible for all across LATAM.

Podcast: What Does Deep Network Visibility Mean for Your Business?

In the ever-evolving world of network management and the threat landscape, AI and deep network visibility have become increasingly important aspects for business growth. For those who may have missed it, we wanted to highlight one of our most informative podcast episodes on this timely topic.

Join SAM’s VP of Innovation and Data, Nadav Liebermann, as he shares insights on the importance of seeing and understanding what connects to your network. Tune in as Nadav breaks down the risks and opportunities associated with a device and its behavioral patterns, according to the type of business or service that you offer.

News: 5G FWA Set to Rival Wired Broadband

Fiber may be great, but let’s face it – it’s not always available or affordable in every area. Luckily, 5G FWA is a promising alternative!

Juniper and ABI research predict that 5G FWA will generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue for operators worldwide by 2027! However, to succeed, these operators must also offer a compelling user proposition that goes beyond the typical “speeds and feeds.” As suggested by their research, bundling value-added services like smart home security can give them a competitive edge!

But how can ISPs successfully upsell home users who may not fully appreciate the risks associated with IoT devices and cyber attacks?

Event: Sharing Knowledge & Hope With Huntington’s Disease Patients

We recently had the honor of hosting the Huntington’s Disease Association for a support group gathering at our HQ offices. The event was focused on providing information on legal tools to cope with changing life situations to both patients and their families. We heard from some incredible speakers, including Adv. Shavit Ben-Hurin on the topic of advanced legal planning, as well as Attorneys Rachel Ohana and Dana Breckfeld on the topic of guardianship.

It was a very empowering afternoon, and in the end, we all came out more knowledgeable and hopeful about how to prepare for the future. Thank you to the Huntington’s Disease Association for choosing us to host such an important event!


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