Meet SAM at the prpl Summit Americas 2024

Shiri Butnaru|

Meet SAM at the prpl Summit Americas 2024

Shiri Butnaru|

Join us at this year’s prpl Summit Americas, hosted at the AT&T headquarters in Dallas on May 21st! The summit brings together global industry leaders who are passionate about open-source and open-APIs in support of carrier-grade CPE.  


As SAM celebrates its 5th anniversary with the prpl Foundation, we are thrilled to see the progress of prplOS and the promising future it holds for unmanaged networks and devices in broadband customer environments.  


SAM’s solutions are seamlessly deployed as a container to the CPE and without end user interaction are able to identify and protect all devices connected to the CPE, ensuring a safe and secure network for end users. End users are protected from threats without the need to manage, maintain or configure complex security policies, ensuring their digital safety.  


Meet us for a dedicated demo and gain an inside look into the mechanics involved in developing for the future of seamless communication.  

Drop us a line here to book a demo

We'll be showcasing all our field-proven solutions
along with fresh features! 

SAM Cybersecurity

Provide your residential and SMB customers the network and device protection they need

SAM Intelligence

Gain and leverage knowledge about your customers’ networks, devices, and usage

SAM Enablers

Integrate SAM’s leading capabilities within your own products and solutions 

And why ISPs, MSPs, and vendors love our solutions

  • Platform agnostic: Fast and easy integration with ANY Linux-based router means the widest choice of CPE vendors to choose from, and the lowest effort needed from your technical teams.
  • Easily deployed: SAM’s software agent can be integrated onto the CPE before being shipped to the customer, or “over the air” as a firmware update post-installation on premise. Activation of features can occur instantly and remotely after customer sign up.
  • Device shielding: Has a new device vulnerability been discovered? Device vendors are notoriously slow to offer cybersecurity patches, which is why SAM uses multiple methods of adapting to and mitigating new threats, including Virtual Patching.
  • Network-based: No on-device software installation means no user involvement needed, and no device resources being used.
  • Proprietary fingerprinting: Our home-brewed device fingerprinting technology has been market-tested for over 7 years and is trusted by the world’s leading ISPs and network vendors.
  • Huge device database: With more than 500 million devices already identified and constantly being monitored within our customers’ networks, we can identify even the most uncommon devices.
  • Security minded: Our team of cybersecurity experts is constantly updating and sharing the latest information on vulnerabilities that may leave your devices exposed to attacks.
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