November 2023 Newsletter

Shiri Butnaru|

November 2023 Newsletter

Shiri Butnaru|

In these trying times, it is essential to acknowledge the horrific events in Israel, which continue to impact not only our dear friends and colleagues within the SAM family, but also raise deep concerns on a global scale. We are all in this together, fighting our way forward and demonstrating the enduring spirit of resilience, adaptability, innovation, and excellence that defines us, especially during agonizing times like these.

Amidst the ongoing war struggle, there is also a concerning rise in anti-Israel cyber activity, particularly targeting smart homes and security cameras! As part of Israel’s national safety efforts, SAM’s dedicated research team has been working tirelessly to detect and tackle a wide range of cyber threats aimed at Israeli citizens.

But even in the face of adversity, there is also a story of resilience and innovation. In case you’ve missed it, read all about our recent partnership with Orange Belgium and cyan AG. Together, we’ve launched a 360° network security solution dedicated to enhancing customer security and digital well-being.

Moreover, amid the evolving global landscape of IoT security, we explore the benefits of the new “Cyber Trust Mark” USA program, its vulnerabilities, and potential solutions. Additionally, we shed light on the risks lurking within Android TV boxes and delve into recent findings by Forrester on the state of IoT security.

Stay informed and secure!

News: Safeguards Against Cyber Threats in Israel’s Ongoing Conflict

SAM’s recent research reveals that both Muslim and Russian hacker groups have attempted to exploit vulnerabilities in Hikvision security cameras, posing a significant national security concern as they monitor entrance roads to Israeli cities. There have also been deliberate attempts to compromise Israeli smart homes! During late-night hours, curtains and lights have intermittently been activated and deactivated, and conventional measures, like disconnecting smart devices from the internet, proved ineffective.

SAM has been at the forefront of combating these threats, safeguarding your customers’ security.

Blog: Can the ‘Cyber Trust Mark’ Weather the Fragmented Storm?

As the White House introduces its upcoming ‘Cyber Trust Mark’ program, promising enhanced IoT security through product labeling, we delve into the intricate security issues within the fragmented nature of the IoT landscape.

The burning question that arises in this context is whether these labels can genuinely serve as a robust shield for consumers amid the dynamic and rapidly evolving IoT landscape.

Join us as we explore the concealed threats lurking within this expanding ecosystem and offer solutions to guarantee the safety and digital well-being of your customers.   

Press Release: Orange Belgium Signs Partnership With SAM and cyan AG

In case you’ve missed it, we’d like to highlight an important collaboration with Orange Belgium and cyan AG. Orange Belgium’s customer-centric commitment shines through as they acknowledge the vital role of deep network visibility at the CPE-level in bolstering customer security and control.

We’re honored to contribute to the seamless protection of Orange Belgium’s customers from digital threats, fostering improved digital well-being for families and enhancing the overall customer experience.

News: Android TV Boxes Come Pre-Infected With Botnet Malware

Beware: Malware in the box!

A new Mirai botnet is infecting ‘budget-friendly’ Android TV set-top boxes used by millions for media streaming, putting their networks and privacy at risk! Even your most cautious subscribers can’t escape the threat of preloaded malware.

But fear not! SAM’s CPE-based protection detects unusual communication patterns and blocks malicious web traffic within the network, keeping your customers safe to enjoy their digital kingdom. 

Podcast: The Problem With IoT Is the “I”, Not the “T”

A recent Forrester report on the state of IoT security highlights a critical issue: once online, IoT devices often become security liabilities. Malware can infect one device and spread within connected networks. Another challenge is the diversity of IoT devices used in homes and offices, often lacking ongoing protection due to various manufacturers and platforms.

For more insights on improving network security, listen to our recent podcast episode discussing the slow discovery-to-patching processes by firmware vendors and why ISPs should ensure real-time patching at the CPE level for enhanced user security.

Shiri Butnaru|


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