July 2023 Newsletter

Shiri Butnaru|

July 2023 Newsletter

Shiri Butnaru|

Welcome to SAM’s newsletter, in which we explore a roundup of customer-focused insights and industry news stories related to security and threat intelligence solutions for unmanaged networks and IoTs.

In a world where data privacy concerns are on the rise for homeowners, finding the right balance to protect their privacy and security in the cloud can be challenging. But fear not, because this edition has all the answers you need!

We begin with a practical podcast episode featuring SAM’s CISO, where you’ll get valuable insights and expert advice on how to navigate the complex landscape of data privacy in less than 10 min! To further address the topic, we share a comprehensive report by Parks Associates that sheds light on the latest consumer worries. And in case you’ve missed it, you can also access our guide to help you tackle these concerns head-on.

And since this time of year is bursting with security reports, we have taken the time to analyze the highly anticipated Verizon DBIR. Our focus? The impact of human error on the majority of security breaches in your customers’ unmanaged networks. Finally, we’re excited to share some recent wins for SAM as we turn the spotlight on Bezeq, Israel’s largest telco, and their impressive campaign promoting home IoT security. Learn all about their successful journey with SAM.

Join us as we dive into these crucial topics, providing you with the knowledge you need to protect your customers’ digital well-being.

Podcast: How ISPs Can Ensure Data Privacy & Security in the Cloud

As more and more telcos migrate services to the cloud, their customers’ data goes with it, which creates multiple new risks to customer privacy and – ultimately – their security. 

SAM’s CISO, Shahar Avenstein, joins our latest podcast episode to discuss how privacy concerns can impact device security, the steps ISPs can take to ensure privacy and security when selecting cloud service providers, the relevance of GDPR for non-personal devices, and much more! 

News: SAM Recognized for Outstanding Cybersecurity Achievements

SAM has been recently honored with the Visionary Spotlight Award in the prestigious Cybersecurity category, adding to our growing list of achievements in 2023!

We’re truly humbled by this recognition and so grateful for the ongoing support of our wonderful community. 

Celebrate these milestones with us! Read the full announcement below to learn more about our achievements and commitment to safeguarding individuals and businesses in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

News: Bezeq Making Waves With Its Viral BFiber Router Security Campaign

Bezeq, Israel’s leading ISP, is once again showing us what a great marketing campaign looks like, incorporating Israel’s latest viral song to educate and empower their subscribers about the significance of seamless IoT security. Check it out above 👆 and read more about their great work in this (Hebrew) article.

Powered by SAM since 2018, Bezeq offers real-time built-in cyber protection on its home routers, blocking over 10 million phishing attacks every day! We are so proud of this collaboration and invite you to read all about their successful journey in the following case study.

Report: 72% of Smart Homeowners Fear the Safety of Their Personal Data

Parks Associates’ recent research reveals that 72% of smart home product owners express concerns about the security of their personal data collected and transmitted by these devices. And with the increasing connectivity of IoT devices through home routers, many consumers are now turning to their internet service providers for added protection. 

To address these valid concerns and ensure data protection, ISPs are collaborating with cloud security providers to implement internal policies, utilize data anonymization techniques, and much more, while establishing trust and confidence.

Report: The Human Element’s Impact on 74% of Security Breaches in Unmanaged Networks

Ever wondered about the core factor behind a data breach? 

According to the latest Data Breach Investigations Report (2023) by Verizon Business, the human element remains the biggest risk to cybersecurity, contributing to 74% of all security breaches! This includes errors, privileged access misuse, use of stolen credentials, and, unsurprisingly, social engineering.

And often deploying unauthorized software and hosting vulnerabilities, connected IoTs like your home-office door lock or security camera can also significantly increase the attack surface. Many cyber criminals aim to take advantage of human error, and when it comes to unmanaged networks that aren’t controlled or monitored by a CISO or similar tech leader, hackers flourish.

SAM constantly monitors unmanaged home and small business networks to prevent them from falling victim to these malicious attacks.

Shiri Butnaru|


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